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Why hire a local Polk County attorney for your Polk County Criminal or DUI case?

Many times I see criminal defense attorneys come to court, but these attorneys are not from Polk County.
It is very important to hire a local criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested in Polk County, FL.
Why is it important to hire a criminal attorney who actually has an office in Lakeland, FL like Thomas C. Grajek?  There are many reasons:
1)  There are local rules of criminal procedure unique to each county.  For example, when a bond motion can be set or which judge can hear the bond motion. This could delay the arrested person’s release from jail if your criminal lawyer does not know how things are done in Polk County.  If you do not hire an attorney from Polk County, that could affect the outcome of your case.
2)  How will you communicate with your criminal lawyer? By phone? Will you drive to their office in another county?  It is very important that you be able to sit down in an actual office with the criminal lawyer you retain.  Communication is key!  Do not be afraid to ask the attorney “Where is your office in Polk County?”  You will be surprised how many do not have an office in Polk County and are actually talking to you while sitting in Ft. Lauderdale or Naples.
3)  Who will be standing in court for you?  Will your criminal defense attorney be standing beside you and fighting for you in court or will he send an associate? Worse, will he send an attorney who is not even employed by his firm to cover your criminal court dates?  With me, Thomas C. Grajek, an experienced criminal defense attorney, you know I will be with you.
4)  Results!  I see many out of county attorneys put their results on their web page, but those results are from a county other than Polk!  Ask the criminal lawyer, what are your results IN POLK COUNTY, instead of just listing a case number or judge’s name without specifying where that case was won.  Do you want to hire a defense lawyer who only shows his wins in a Ft. Lauderdale or Naples court rooms?
5) Credibility.  Does the judge know your criminal attorney?  Does the prosecutor know who your defense attorney is?  Is your attorney before the judge you will appear before enough to know how that judge rules? How that judge sentences? These are very, very important things that a local, experienced attorney brings as an advantage to your case.
There are many more reasons to hire an attorney with an office in Polk County and knows the areas of Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, Mulberry, Davenport, and other towns in Polk. Call and speak to Thomas Grajek, an experienced criminal defense attorney today at my office in Lakeland, FL by calling 863-688-4606 NOW!




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