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Why you should hire a Polk County DUI Lawyer - Part II

Why hire a local Polk County attorney for your Polk County Criminal or DUI case?
Today, I was in court when a DUI attorney who was not from Polk County was in court speaking to the prosecutor.  The DUI attorney wanted to know why their client had not received the video of the roadside field sobriety tests.  Unfortunately, this attorney does not read my blog.  Otherwise, that experienced DUI attorney would have known that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office does not use video in DUI cases.  Because that aggressive DUI attorney does not read my blog, that experienced DUI lawyer does not know that I have a motion to dismiss the Polk County Sheriff DUI cases for not preserving the only videotape in existence.  That experienced DUI attorney did not even know of the existence of the booking video.
Finally, an experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer files a Demand for Discovery in a criminal case.  When the prosecutor responds with the Notice of Discovery, it states whether a video exists or not.  A simple reading of that document would have informed that out-of-county DUI attorney that there was no video in that DUI case.  It is attention to details that makes a great criminal defense attorney.
That is why it is so important that you retain experienced local counsel when you are facing a serious criminal charge.  How many months was this suspected DUI driver told there was a video coming?  That the defense of the case would turn on that video? How would that experienced DUI lawyer look when requesting the court to continue the case so they could get a copy of a DUI video that does not exist?
When the outcome of a DUI can affect your life, car insurance, and ability to drive, it is important you know what type of evidence is available and that the prosecutor will be using against you.  This is so that you are prepared and know what strategy to employ in the defense of your DUI case.  That is how you insure that you receive the best defense to any criminal charge including DUI.



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