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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pasco County

Have you recently been accused of a crime? We are here to assist you when you are looking at misdemeanor or felony charges. We will sit down with you at the outset of your case and explain to you what you can anticipate and help you feel more confident about putting together your criminal defense.
If you are already facing prison, county jail, a criminal indictment or currently under criminal investigation, you need experienced criminal defense representation provided by a talented professional like Thomas C. Grajek. We all make mistakes we regret but everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and it’s the job of your Pasco County criminal defense lawyer to help you exercise your right to legal representation.

Get A Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasco County to Handle Your Case

Most people don’t know what to do when they get arrested. Even if you are under arrest and police officers state that they have significant evidence against you, you still have rights and one of those is a right to a criminal defense attorney.
There are many different roles that a criminal defense attorney can play from evaluating the evidence to discussing the case with prosecutors to preparing you for possible plea bargains or even reduction or dismissal of charges.
You deserve to know all of the options available to you as soon as possible after you have been accused and arrested. The choices you make in selecting a Pasco County criminal defense attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case and your ability to protect your freedom. Don’t hesitate to get help.

Take Advantage of The Skills of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasco County

You should never handle a complicated criminal case on your own. Even if you have been accused of a misdemeanor, there are many possible consequences that could follow you for years to come.
 For example, certain criminal record information will show up when employers or landlords do a background check that could impede your housing or job opportunities. Criminal defense lawyers know more about criminal law than you do so let them do the negotiating and option evaluation on your behalf.
A lawyer can serve in many different roles over the duration of your case, including bringing their experience in trials, their connections and resources, and the management of paperwork needed for court proceedings to the table. At each stage in your criminal case, you will be informed about the status of your case and the options available to you at that point in time. This can help ease your fears and boost your confidence that you have a knowledgeable attorney working hard on your behalf.
If the evidence collected in your case was gathered in a manner that violated your constitutional rights, you need to share this information with your lawyer right away Your attorney can begin structuring the case for your defense immediately when you have the strongest possible chance of resolving it without a conviction on your record.

Talk to Thomas C. Grajek, Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasco County

Do not hesitate to exercise your right to an attorney. Tell police officers immediately that you wish to speak to Pasco County criminal defense attorney, Thomas C. Grajek. Thomas C. Grajek has a proven track record in handling a broad range of criminal cases.
Case types that have previously been handled by Attorney Grajek in include drug charges, felony charges, theft crimes, sex crimes, misdemeanors, assault charge allegations, DUI defense, and more. You have freedoms that must be protected for the duration of your criminal case.
Don’t wait to ask for help- Attorney Thomas C. Grajek will give you an honest review of your case so that you know what you’re up against and the choices you’ll need to make in the near future with your case. Schedule a call today with a trusted Pasco County criminal defense lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I get arrested for a crime?
Remain calm and stay as professional and polite as possible with police officers but inform them of your intention and desire to speak to your attorney immediately. Your lawyer can step in and do the talking on your behalf so that you can avoid any missteps that could harm the outcome of your case. Schedule your first meeting or call with a lawyer right away.
How is a criminal defense lawyer better than other types of lawyers?
A criminal defense attorney will have strong experience and many years of handling cases just like yours, which will position him or her to make decisions and recommendations for you specifically.
Can a defense attorney help me avoid jail time?
While each case is different, you will have the most options available to you at the outset of your criminal case when you consult with an attorney sooner rather than later. If jail time is on the line, hire an experienced Pasco County criminal defense lawyer today.