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Have you recently been arrested for or accused of a crime? You can’t afford to wait to get help- retaining the services of a committed Lutz criminal defense attorney should be your top priority. With jail time, fines, a criminal record, and other penalties on the line, your decision to retain a talented criminal defense lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. We leverage our extensive experience with those accused of crimes to mount a strong defense as soon as possible after you’ve been arrested, maximizing your chances of protecting your future and your freedom.
On this page, you’ll learn more about the criminal defense process, common crimes, and why you need a lawyer. We are here to help you when you’re facing FL criminal charges.
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Criminal Defense Attorney in Lutz:
Thomas C. Grajek, Attorney At Law

I’ve always been a criminal defense attorney. I present an aggressive response to your criminal charges both in terms of protecting your Constitutional rights and raising concerns and doubts about the strength of the prosecution’s case.

Whether your case gets resolved or dismissed before we get to trial or must be set up for a jury trial, I help you understand all of the options available to you at each phase. It’s my goal to give you an honest appraisal of what to expect as you go through the justice process. You’ll know where your case stands at any given point so that you can make informed decisions about what’s best for you based on all the factors. As a Lutz criminal defense lawyer, I work hard to ensure that you’re never out of the loop with your case.

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Practice Areas

My office is committed to helping people in Florida who have been accused of misdemeanor felony-level crimes. A prompt response and thorough strategy are key for being able to protect your rights; as a Lutz criminal defense attorney, I get to work right away.

My office assists with those who have been accused of crimes or are handling issues such as:

  • Domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Trespassing on school grounds
  • Drug crimes
  • Criminal speeding
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Eluding an officer
  • Sex crimes
  • Early probation termination
  • Bond reductions and modifications
  • Violation of injunctions
  • Expungement
  • Appeals
  • Post-conviction relief

Proven Successful Criminal Defense

We know that being accused of a crime is one of the most overwhelming and confusing times of your life. Having worked as a Lutz criminal defense attorney for many years, I know that you need accurate and quick answers so that you can maximize your defense options.
Not understanding the legal process or the potential consequences can be catastrophic for your future. Hiring a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Lutz will help you feel more confident about what to expect and present you with the full range of options available to you.
We develop an aggressive criminal defense strategy to explore your options as soon as possible after you’ve been charged. Whether that’s a plea bargain, reduced charges, or collecting evidence to prepare for trial, you know you’re in good hands with the team at Lutz. I’ve never worked for the other side- that’s how much I believe in supporting your rights and your needs during what might be the most difficult time in your life.

When working with you, I start by:

  • Discussing the specifics of your case
  • Exploring options for alternatives such as dismissal or reduced charges
  • Evaluating the strongest defense strategies
  • Preparing you for what to expect
Safeguard your future with legal representation from our Lutz criminal defense attorney.
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Why you should hire a criminal defense attorney in Lutz, Fl?

You can’t afford to try to manage your criminal defense case on your own. With jail time or fines associated with many convictions, the right Lutz criminal defense attorney can help you avoid or reduce potential penalties.

A criminal defense attorney will be familiar with the process, the options for managing the case, and how to prepare for trial. As a person accused of a misdemeanor or felony, you have enough to think about. Trust the management of your case to a dedicated Lutz criminal defense lawyer.

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What is the average cost of a criminal defense attorney in Lutz, FL?

At the outset of our first meeting, we’ll discuss payment options. The complexity of the case will determine the cost for me to manage your case. It’s my goal to be upfront and honest with you about the process and the cost.

Should I get a lawyer for a misdemeanor in Lutz, Fl?

Although the consequences of a misdemeanor are not as serious as those associated with a felony, having a criminal record can haunt you for years to come. In some misdemeanor cases, alternatives might be available to you, but only when your Lutz criminal defense lawyer intervenes in the case right away. As a Lutz criminal defense attorney, I’ll get you up to speed on your options as soon as possible.


CF Carpenters

Very competent attorney. Very serious case. I was guilty but wasn’t taking the states incarceration deal so did an open plea today. If I was innocent I’d like to have used him in trial. Scales of justice were balanced.


Thomas Grajek did an awesome job communicating with me and my my family. He handled this case profesionally, is well liked in the court room. If your seeking legal help i highly recommend him.

Brian S.

Sharp trial attorney, I dealt with him over 9 month and was very impressed with him in action which was completely different than his office visits and his determination to win and not just let things happen, the amount of preperation, his ability to think on his feet and change gears, his questioning skills and the legal mind to get the results he is after. Id recommend him to family and friends any day.


Mr. Grajek got my case dismissed so fast, I did not even have to go to court. I was referred to him by a friend of mine that said he was the best lawyer they have ever dealt with. He explained the strategy he was going to use for my defense by using terms that made the court process easy for me to understand. He started working on my case immediately and my charges were dismissed in less then 2 weeks. He is very nice and professional, but also aggressive and smart, which was just what I needed.

J.C. Lakeland

I contacted Tom because I had a domestic violence charge. Tom was there to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease when I was concerned. Tom was able to get my charges dropped. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for help. He was there no matter what time of day it was. I wish I could give him more stars than 5